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Caring for Curly Wigs

Who doesn’t want perfect ringlet curls in all types of weather? Humid and hot? Curls. Cold and dry? Curls. But, keep in mind if you wear a curly wig, and keep those curls to stay beautiful as long as possible, you have to care for them properly.Brushing Curly WigsFirst and foremost, you need to put away your standard brushes. A brush causes frizz and can make it hard to restore your curls. Only a wide-tooth comb should be used on a curly wig. If you find the curls on your synthetic wig don’t look like they used to, you can try methods for restoring your curls. This can be time-intensive, so make sure to set aside the time.Detangling Curly WigsUsing...

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Tips For Wearing Wigs Every Day

Do you wear a wig every day? Follow these tips to keep your wig looking its best, so that you never have a bad hair day. See the video at the end for visual assistance! Everyday Wig Wearing Wig Cap Liners Every time you wear your wig, wear a wig cap liner underneath it. Popular liners include nylon or mesh wig caps. This little cap is important because it keeps your wig secure and clean. If you don’t have any biological hair, you still should wear a liner. If a traditional wig cap isn’t your style, you can also try the disposable Headline It No Sweat liner.  Switch Up Your Wigs You probably don’t wear the same shoes every day,...

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